{ a smashing good time }

Oh, to be young again.  Not a care in the world.  Eat, sleep, poop, pee, repeat.  It’s funny how fast our kids grow.  I called my parent’s bluff many, many years ago and wish I had listened to them when they told me to slow down and enjoy things.  So now, I get to relive a lot of my childhood through the lens.

Meet Parker – an adorable little girl who I had the pleasure of photographing her first birthday “cake smash.”  She arrived sporting very cute boots and ready to kick into her first cake.


I knew she could do it because you see, Parker and I go way back.  I have photographed this little miss from the time she was a bump to where we are today.  She and I have history…


It was decided that she would look too manly wearing boots.  After all, we wanted the cake to have a reasonable chance.  The idea was to make her look like a sweet little ballerina and have her come out of nowhere and BLAM…tear right into it. Like a lion in the jungle, this little jewel held her arms like she was a passerby looking at the cake in the bakery window.  She was so clever to make it look as though she was going to leave, but then….. the lioness eases towards the prey.


This poor cake did not have a chance.  Using her foot to block anyone trying to stop her, she attacks with speed and tenacity.


An aerial view gives us a unique look at how this little bean could be so cruel to the cake.


Listening to her tear though this chocolate beast was painful.  The screams from the cake (and the lioness) could be heard clear across the room.  She fought a good battle and was putting it away like a squirrel saves nuts for the winter.  Just when we thought she was going for another chunk of the delicious goodness, she fell victim to a mid morning nap.

Parker 1, Cake 0
Well played Parker….well played!

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