…..which stands for Expectant Mothers of the World.  Solidarity man!  Got a little one all curled up inside you waiting ever-so-patiently to surprise you on their first (and really only) BIRTHday.  What are you waiting for…document this special event with photos!

This isn’t a plug for me to book more maternity sessions.  Quite frankly, I don’t care how you get them done…just do it. Call a friend, use your phone,hire a professional.  Whatever.   I obviously cannot speak for  NMOTW (this doesn’t really exist, but if it did, it would stand for New Mothers of the World).  However, as a proud father of 2 out of contr….ummm, adorable children, I do regret not having more photos taken before they shot out like rocket and started growing more and more each day.

They say, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”  Perhaps with most things, but let’s get real… big or small belly, dress it up a bit.  Add a little life.  Seal it with a bow.  Whatev!

You’ll notice when I do maternity photos, hands will be in many of the shots.  Something about the mothers hand on the outside knowing their little one on the inside wants so badly to touch her finger..hold her hand.  Awww.

Boy, how I love adding some of earth elements during the session.  Seems so fitting.

So EMOTW unite!  Make it happen. Do it!

Shhh. I am available year round for maternity sessions and would love to help document this important milestone in your life.  Keep this on the down low (I don’t advertise).

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