{ so long pre school, it’s been fun! }

A couple of days ago, my wife and I joined other parents to watch our children bid farewell to the protected walls of pre-k and bite our nails with eager anticipation as they journey towards kindergarten. This was a huge milestone for so many in the room; parents as we watch our children start a new milestone and the kids as they learn that saying goodbye to something (or someone) is part of life.

I sneaked into the classro… ehh, dressing room as the kids went through last minute preparations and cap fittings. The kids were surprised

The kids walked in and cheering began.

The ceremony started off with some songs and opening remarks.  I was so proud to watch Jackson lead the attendees with the pledge to the Christian Flag.

Then it was time for the children to come to the microphone and say the verse the rehearsed for this special day.

This daddy was doing good with all of the events and presentation’s.  That is until the group of children marched in place and in perfect cadence sang the following ditty:

Kindergarten, here we come, here we come

Kindergarten here we come.

So long preschool, it’s been fun.

Kindergarten here we come, here we come.

A few “capture this moment in time” photographs with friends and family and we were on our way. 

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