{ erik & muriah }

Erik and Muriah were next door neighbors while attending college.  Now, one could argue college should be taken seriously and the focus on academics.  Ha!  Who am I fooling. If college is the best  times of your life, then the best day for this special couple’s life must have occurred last May while on a Hawaiian vacation with Erik’s family.  Feeling the family strength…Erik complained that his back hurt and wanted to go sit in the hot tub. Feeling (or buying into) his pity, Muriah graciously went with him.  Good thing too!  After absorbing enough energy and confidence, it was then and there when Erik professed his enduring love, faithfulness, admirati…. oh, okay he popped the question.  Now 7 years or so after being together…they solidified their relationship in front of friends, family and a couple of passerby’s – which is to be expected when some of the photos taken were of them sitting in the back of a “lit up” patrol car from Tacoma PD’s finest. A beautiful day surrounded by family and friends!

Wedding Date: April 27. 2013

Wedding Venue:  Steilacoom Town Hall – Steilacoom, WA

Reception: Steilacoom Town Hall – Steilacoom, WA

Caterer: Jaspers BBQ Smokehouse

Hair Stylist: Cameron Cornell

Makeup Artist: Cameron Cornell

Florist: Always Affordable Flowers

Wedding Planner: Elegant Affairs

Advice from the bride: Have fun with it, it seems like it takes forever to plan but once it’s here it’s over so quickly, don’t blink. Enjoy every minute of it

Gig Harbor Photography Experience: Erik and I had such a great experience with Pat, he has a way of connecting with you to make you feel like you’ve known him for years. I was nervous and anxious just before walking down the aisle and he was able to talk to me and make me feel at ease. Pat had a great sense of humor and kept us laughing during the day. He really takes the time get to know you as a couple and bring out the best in your photos. I will use Pat for all of our photography needs in the future!

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