{ everybody’s doing the easter hop hop hop }


Though our trips to Oregon are limited, we do try to make it to my stomping grounds for Easter.  My mom loves to have the family over during this holiday and her large yard makes it ideal for the Easter Bunny to hide all the eggs.

The first thing our kids do after the customary (and long awaited) hugs and hellos is head towards the soft, plush Hip Hop Bunny that magically appears on her fire place each year.  Cute little fella and the kids enjoy playing this Hip(sters) token song:

down the trail i’m coming
with a basket full of fun.
and everybody’s doing the Easter
so put your feet together.
there is nothing better
than everybody doing the Easter

Then it’s get the kiddos dressed and wait for the rest of the family to arrive. I felt it was best to snap a couple of pictures while we wait.

Couple of quick poses showing off her Easter dress…

Love their smiles and silliness…

The cousins spent time opening up gifts from the Easter Bunny while my brother and I helped the little fur ball out by hiding more eggs outside.  It was a beautiful day in Eugene!


After a long and eventful weekend, we decided to take the kids to see their great grammy.  It has been a few years since we have all seen her and needless to say, she was quite surprised…especially since there was no warning we would be tromping in.

‘Til next Easter, hop hop hop.