{ bryce + tatem }

These two love birds met at college but things really started to heat up when they found themselves on the same co-ed baseball team.  Looks like Bryce hit  a grand slam after a bit later in their relationship when her popped the big question.  (If you are a fella reading this and thinking about a romantic way to make the magic happen…read on).  Bryce took Tatem to one of their favorite parks one night.  Waiting for them in the darkness were two bouquets that Bryce arranged.  He then takes a knee and just like the ending of a romantic movie, up came the Chinese lanterns.  Magic!

Wedding Venue: Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, Seattle WA

Reception: Melrose Market Studios, Seattle WA

Caterer: Gourmondo

Florist: Susan Hoskinson (Bride’s mother)

Advice from the bride: Go with the flow, not everything is going to go exactly how you planned it and if you know that from the start, you will be able to enjoy the day more. Sometimes the unplanned events are the best parts of the wedding day.

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