{ riding through mansions of glory }

The joys of turning one… family and friends goo-goo, gaa-gaaing over you, dressing up in cute little outfits, and being allowed to go buck with your very own frosted slice (or slices) of heaven.

This is the story of Kelan.  A little bundle of joy who passed all of the required assessments to graduate to the First Year Cake Smash-o-Rama.  In lieu of a diploma which, after all, is  nothing more than a piece of paper, he opted for a ride on his trike, cake, and a bath in the great outdoors.

We were greeted with a warm, sunny evening.  Crowds of hundreds (or was it 6) formed to watch little Kelan come riding in on his little chopper.

The crowds were starting to get a little out of hand so reinforcements were brought in to keep them in control.

Then, in the distance, like a trophy waiting for the winner to stake their claim…sat the most delicious cake.

Meandering across the horizon, the delicious goodness summons Kelan over towards it.

Thinking to himself, this must be a gift from the heavens, Kelan wastes no time digging into the mysterious dessert.

Waving his proverbial white flag signaling his defeat, he falls back into submission…hoping the cake will retreat as as mysterious as it arrived.

After a quick nap, Kelan swallows his pride (and the last piece of cake) and moseys off into the sunset.

What luck..on the other side of the park was a tub waiting for Kelan to wash the sugary goodness from his body.

After a quick scrub and a patriotic dry off,  Kelan hopped back on his ride and hit the open road.

{ rounding third }

I love the exciting times that come with pregnancy…especially during the home stretch.  That, my friends, is month NINE.  The encore.  Like with other life events, I get so excited to be asked to capture the beautiful and glowing look of the expectant mother and nervousness and excitement from the other family members faces.

Meet Justin, Amber, and sweet (and I mean sweet) little Lila.  The first part of the location was at one of my favorite settings, Chambers Bay.  It was PACKED, but all eyes were on Amber and her cute little baby bump.

The session started with a little warm-up.  Lila, who is practicing her big sister role  (more on that in a bit) held the little, yellow H with all the love in the world.  She is so excited for baby Hayley to make her appearance.

Still not sure exactly what about small rocks on the bump that looks so cool, but Amber braved the cool stones on the bare skin for my simple pleasures…and hopefully hers now :)

You always have to keep an eye on what others are doing during the session.  Failing to do so, I would have missed this little daddy and daughter time.  All together now…. awweee.

As I said earlier, Lila was working hard practicing her role as big sis.  In fact, I caught her sneaking in a quick study session with mommy watching over to make sure no questions go unanswered.

Chambers Bay offers so many options to capture the right image, grass, water, sand…it’s all there.   Love this place and love the interactions between Justin, Amber, and Lila.

The first part of the session wrapped up with another fan favorite…the Big Yellow Vintage Chair.  A session without that chair just isn’t session and Lila was not about to let mommy have all the fun.

The session continued with a visit to a large, spacious, and b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l  residence.  Once I smelled the country air, it was game on and the creativity started to flow.

Love this one…

Don’t ever underestimate the power of open arms to your children.

As we round third and head for home…. put Lila in coach, she is ready to play!


…..which stands for Expectant Mothers of the World.  Solidarity man!  Got a little one all curled up inside you waiting ever-so-patiently to surprise you on their first (and really only) BIRTHday.  What are you waiting for…document this special event with photos!

This isn’t a plug for me to book more maternity sessions.  Quite frankly, I don’t care how you get them done…just do it. Call a friend, use your phone,hire a professional.  Whatever.   I obviously cannot speak for  NMOTW (this doesn’t really exist, but if it did, it would stand for New Mothers of the World).  However, as a proud father of 2 out of contr….ummm, adorable children, I do regret not having more photos taken before they shot out like rocket and started growing more and more each day.

They say, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”  Perhaps with most things, but let’s get real… big or small belly, dress it up a bit.  Add a little life.  Seal it with a bow.  Whatev!

You’ll notice when I do maternity photos, hands will be in many of the shots.  Something about the mothers hand on the outside knowing their little one on the inside wants so badly to touch her finger..hold her hand.  Awww.

Boy, how I love adding some of earth elements during the session.  Seems so fitting.

So EMOTW unite!  Make it happen. Do it!

Shhh. I am available year round for maternity sessions and would love to help document this important milestone in your life.  Keep this on the down low (I don’t advertise).